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Lakeside Professional Counseling
Couples & Family

Don't give up!  Relationships that work MUST include communication, respect, and compromise.  Getting through the difficult times is what couples help each other do.  We can help facilitate listening, communication and compromise.

Families are like snowflakes, no two alike.  Families tend to develop a collective set of rules and norms that can become dysfunctional at times and at others work quite well.  Sometimes communication can be all it takes to get everyone back in alignment, like the gears of a clock.  We often times recommend individual counseling in addition to joint sessions.  We will meet with you to help determine the best way to handle your specific needs.

We offer GOTTMAN METHOD of Marriage counseling (CASH PAY only)

This type of counseling involves comprehensive assessments that the therapist will interpret and provide a comprehensive treatment plan based on the results.  This method tends to have a higher initial investment up front to account for the additional assessments and time involved to interpret and tailor the treatment plan.  This is a highly solution focused method with significant evidence based research.  Typical investment is approximately 4-8 sessions. 


This type of counseling does not involve the level of assessments and focuses more on communication, respect and compromise.  There is less investment up front.  Many marriage's that have a fundamental mutual respect, love and willingness to make changes do well with this approach.  Typical investment is approximately 4-12 sessions.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We recommend scheduling an Intake session with our Marriage Counselor.  The Intake is the same price regardless of which method you ultimately choose.  The therapist will provide pros/cons of both types based on your situation and help you decide which method would best suit you.  Remember, spending more money does not equate to a better marriage!  Sessions should be used wisely; each partner is expected to invest time OUTSIDE of therapy doing what needs to be done to support the relationship.  Many couples that are willing and motivated to make changes are successful in as few as 4 sessions!

COST:  Many people wonder why marriage counseling is cash pay only.  A Marriage Counselor treats the MARRIAGE not necessarily the INDIVIDUAL; therefore this method of counseling not a covered benefit of a typical individual medical/mental health insurance policy that focuses on medical necessity for an individual.  Please contact our front office directly for current pricing.  Our Marriage counselor occasionally has a brief waitlist and our Intake Coordinator can assist!

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY concurrent with MARRIAGE:  It is common for individuals to concurrently see an individual therapist while also attending Marriage counseling; for their own individual symptoms that interfere with their happiness.  When symptoms are overwhelming, insurance may cover the individual sessions!  Please talk to our Intake Coordinator about your situation and learn your options.

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