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Lisa Porter, M.A., LPC, NCC, ACS

Lisa is a graduate of Oakland University with a Master's degree in Counseling and used Cognitive based approaches such as CBT and DBT along with other Patient-Centered counseling techniques. Lisa dedicated several years counseling "at risk" teens as a school counselor .  Her compassion, talent, and effectiveness led to a role providing professional support to hospitalized  individuals in an In Patient Psychiatric facility, which is also where she met and became  good friends with Jessica.  Lisa's esteemed experience and wisdom naturally led to a leadership role providing Professional Supervisory guidance to other professional clinicians.  Lisa has been in private practice for several years and has dedicated her life to serving others.   Lisa is a mother of two and spends her free time singing with her band at local venues.

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Jessica Johnson Lentz, M.A., LPC, CRC, ICAADC, SAP

Jessica is a graduate of Wayne State University and specializes in Rehabilitation Counseling and utilizes Cognitive base approaches such as CBT and DBT along with other Patient-Centered counseling techniques.  Jessica's background, in addition to where she and Lisa became good friends, began at an In Patient Psychiatric Hospital.  Jessica provided support and expertise to patients in the Dual Diagnosis Chemical Dependency unit and facilitated psychiatric stabilization for patients in the Geriatric, Adolescent, Adult and Autism units.  Jessica also worked hard supporting U.S. Military Veterans at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center helping soldiers deal with complex issues including PTSD, Substance Abuse, Disability, HIV, as well as economic and employment reintegration needs.  Jessica now enjoys working in a private practice setting and is dedicated to serving others.  Jessica is a mother of three and loves spending time outdoors with her family and with her rescue dogs.  


Jennifer Laboda, M.A., LPC, CAACD 

Your treatment will be guided by your personal needs with respect and no judgment. There are times in life that become overwhelming and emotionally unmanageable without help. My belief is that every person is the expert in their own life and ultimately, with support and guidance, will discover solutions that will work best for you! Treatment includes talk therapy, both personal and educational, sometimes activities or homework that assist in illuminating hidden solutions and utilizes Cognitive base approaches such as CBT and DBT along with other Patient-Centered counseling techniques.  My goal is to help you get the most out of life. Your life matters. I will help you find the best in yourself be the person that you are meant to be.


Daniela Trpceska, M.A., LPC

BILINGUAL LANGUAGES:  Macedonian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

I have extensive experience working with teens and adolescents.  In addition to being a mother, I have worked in schools,  a psychiatric hospital and substance abuse settings. 


I am a proponent of a person-centered therapy, CBT and DBT: individuals have the inner resources to make appropriate changes in their live when provided with growth promoting environment. I view the counseling process as a collaboration between the client and the counselor where the counselor serves as a facilitator on the road of self-discovery and goals achievement as established by the client. Ultimately, I believe that the therapy approach needs to be adjusted to address the individual needs of the client.


Nicole Trombley, M.A., LMSW, DP-C

I start each session where the individual is at and work from a person-in-environment modality. My foundation of therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where our thoughts, feelings, and actions all contribute to how we cope with life’s difficulties. Using CBT as a base allows for me to then individualize the therapy process with the individual/family and expand on other treatment methods that may be more beneficial such as DBT, Trauma-Informed, ACT, etc. I also prefer to work a lot with mindfulness and solution-focused therapies as well


Michael Cooper, M.A., LLPC

My passion derives from the positive changes I see in clients as they grow and move forward. I aim to help clients by approaching their areas of concern in a holistic manner, taking all aspects of their circumstances into consideration. 


I offer an empathetic, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable exploring your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors while finding ways to create positive change. Each client's situation is unique, and should be treated as such.


I have been afforded the opportunity to develop a comprehensive background in health and wellness coaching, as well as, extensive work with depression and anxiety, among many other difficulties. My focus in practice is to tailor the therapy to what best suits the needs of that individual and where they are currently at while also using Cognitive based approaches such as CBT and DBT.


Together we can strive to overcome your key concerns and move toward becoming a happier and healthier individual. It is my mission to work toward your goals, helping you reach your best self and achieve the personal accomplishments you have wanted to see come to fruition. I look forward to working with you!

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Courtney Zullo, M.A., LPC

Counseling involves the sharing of personal problems, concerns, and stories with a professional who is skilled at helping the client or clients come to a resolution or solution about the particular situation. 

My understanding of counseling comes from many different theoretical orientations as well as my experience. My most practiced approaches are Person-Centered, Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral and Exposure and Response Prevention. I will focus on the core conditions of genuineness, empathy, positive regard, and concreteness because I believe they are essential to all helping relationships and the counseling process. I believe that clients have the solutions to their dilemmas within themselves. I will always act to protect life and I encourage self-exploration and self-awareness. 


Anne Rife, M.A., LLMSW, CCTS-I

Finding a therapist who truly gets it is tough. Compassion, acceptance, and understanding are all needed, but it’s challenging to find someone to trust who treats you like a human being. My mission is to provide practical care that honors each person’s unique needs and life experiences because what works for one person may not work for someone else. 


As a mental health therapist, I work with individuals and couples battling Trauma and Grief; First responders; Veterans; Family members of law enforcement and military.  I specialize in Men's issues; Professionals struggling with compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, or burnout; Survivors of assault and abuse; Sexual abuse of men and women; Life transitions; infidelity; Individuals at the end-of-life stage; Adults 18+ and Elders 65+ with anxiety and mood disorders, such as depression. I obtained a Master of Clinical Social Work degree and I’m a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist.  In addition, I am trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  I  utilize Cognitive base approaches such as CBT and DBT along with other Patient-Centered counseling techniques.


HIPAA Notice of Privacy

We never market or sell personal information.  Your information will not be shared without your
written consent unless mandated by standards set forth by legal policies, ethical standards and mandated reporting requirements.  Your records may be shared with insurance providers/payers and coordination of your health care.

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