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Lakeside Professional Counseling Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network HPRP

  Conveniently schedule appointments, make payments and complete forms!


or 911 for EMERGENCY

211 for Michigan Health & Human Services

Office: 586-932-2700    F: 586-932-2705

**Appointments are virtual/Telehealth 

In-person is currently extremely limited**


8072 21 Mile Rd., Shelby Township, MI  48317

 (LaMarissa Plaza, 21 Mile E of Van Dyke)


Want to meet with a Licensed Professional Counselor to discuss your specific needs? Maybe you don't have a recurrent problem or diagnosis but your stress needs to be managed. Individual counseling sessions can provide a long term solution to the smallest and largest of problems.

Couples, Marriage & Family

Learn to communicate and listen better as well as skills for recognizing and implementing mutual respect.

Gottman Method

Traditional Marriage Counseling

Grief, Loss &

Surviving the loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences an individual can endure.  Let us support you on your journey to find your place in this world and regain happiness.

Therapy Services
Our Philosophy

Jessica and Lisa started Lakeside Professional Counseling, P.C. to provide quality services to our community.  While working together in an In-Patient Psychiatric facility, we recognized the importance of preventative services in the mental health field. Learning and implementing Cognitive Based Therapeutic approaches such as emotional regulation and effective communication, especially from a young age, can greatly influence how we handle and avoid life's inherent stressors.   We use a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques, however most importantly we are person-centered and we love to find teachable moments to infuse psycho-education!

Meet the Therapists!

Hi, I'm Lisa!

I will listen to you and your story.  I'm kind, compassionate and you'll never feel judged around me.  I work with all ages and demographics.  When you call I will help you chose a therapist and assist with intake forms.


Hi, I'm Jessica!

I believe every cloud has a silver lining and I'll work with you to reach your goals and support you when you are in need.  

We look forward to meeting you!


~Jessica, Lisa, Jennifer, Nicole, Courtney, Annie, Keith, Kayla, Ashley, Nina, Mark, Dominkia & Pamela too!

Shelby Township Therapist Counselor
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Lakeside Professional Counseling Teen Adolescent Play Therapy Counseling

Getting Help

Step #1: Contact Us

You will receive our undivided attention and be asked to tell us a little about your goals for therapy.

Step #2: Insurance/Payment

Have your insurance card ready; if we are not in network with your insurance we can offer you a reasonable cash rate or help find a referral to a suitable therapist that accepts your insurance.


Step #3:  Intake Appointment

Our online portal is simple!  Intake documents take approx 5-10 minutes to complete online.  Telehealth and limited in-personal available at this time.


Step #4: Enjoy life!

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In Person Therapy Counseling
In Office Therapist Counselor
In Office Therapy Mental Health Counseling
In Person Therapy
In Office Counseling Macomb County Michigan
In Person Counseling Sterling Heights Mi
In Person Therapist Utica Michigan
In Person Counselor Shelby Township MI

"Lisa saved my life...  LITERALLY...  I wouldn't be here writing this if she didn't talk me through my darkest hours."

~A.P. age 36

"Miss Lisa is my favorite adult.  She even plays games with me!  I love visiting her and I always feel happy knowing she loves me too."

~Little girl, age 8

"Jessica has so much patience, OMG!  I'm a hot mess with a hotter temper and she never loses her cool.  I've learned a lot from her, she's gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and I can't thank her enough for her wisdom, guidance and patience with me." 

~C.B. age 28

"Jessica deserves a huge amount of credit in keeping our family sane and together.  She's a household name around here.  I don't know how she keeps all the drama straight but she remembers it all and treats us all individually.  And believe me, we've brought her loads of drama.. She has a way of finding and bringing out the best in everyone and we always leave feeling good about ourselves and each other."

~D.F. and family

"Jennifer could see that I was making poor decisions and inspired me to understand my worth and do better!  Jennifer helped bring the best me back to life!"

~Former addict thriving in recovery, age 42

"As a teen, I had no idea why I didn't feel happy and I was constantly full of anxiety   Daniela helped me figure that out, she understood the pressures I was going through when I didn't even really have the words to describe it myself"

~ 17 yr old teen

Therapist Near Me Michigan

HIPAA Notice of Privacy

We never market or sell personal information.  Your information will not be shared without your written consent unless mandated by standards set forth by legal policies, ethical standards and mandated reporting requirements.  Your records may be shared with insurance providers/payers and coordination of your health care.


-"Hello!  I'm Jennifer, and I'll assist you in coordinating your entire intake process!"  

Lakeside Professional Counseling

8072 21 Mile Rd., Shelby Township, MI  48317

   (LaMarissa Plaza, 21 Mile E of Van Dyke)

Office: 586-932-2700    Fax: 586-932-2705

      M-Su: 8am - 8pm, by appointment

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