8072 21 Mile Rd., Shelby Township, MI  48317

   (LaMarissa Plaza, 21 Mile E of Van Dyke)


Office: 586-932-2700    Fax: 586-932-2705

      M-Su: 8am - 8pm, by appointment

Office: 586-932-2700    F: 586-932-2705


8072 21 Mile Rd., Shelby Township, MI  48317

 (LaMarissa Plaza, 21 Mile E of Van Dyke)


 M-Su: 8am - 8pm, by appointment

Want to meet with a Licensed Professional Counselor to discuss your specific needs? Maybe you don't have a recurrent problem or diagnosis but your stress needs to be managed. Individual counseling sessions can provide a long term solution to the smallest and largest of problems.

Learn to communicate and listen better as well as skills for recognizing and implementing mutual respect.

Learn to manage your habits before they become unmanageable.  We can also provide support for individuals in recovery.

Surviving the loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences an individual can endure.  Let us support you on your journey to find your place in this world and regain happiness.

Our Philosophy

We started Lakeside Professional Counseling, P.C. to provide quality services to our community.  While working together in an In-Patient Psychiatric facility, we recognized the importance of preventative services in the mental health field. Learning and implementing skills such as emotional regulation and effective communication, especially from a young age, can greatly influence how we handle and avoid life's inherent stressors.   We use a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques, however most importantly we are person-centered and we love to find teachable moments to infuse psycho-education!

Meet the Therapists!

Getting Help

Step #1: Contact Us

You will receive our undivided attention and be asked to tell us a little about your goals for therapy.

Step #2: Insurance/Payment

Have your insurance card ready; if we are not in network with your insurance we can offer you a reasonable cash rate or help find a referral to a suitable therapist that accepts your insurance.


Step #3:  Intake Appointment

You can download all the forms ahead of time so you can get the most out of your intake appointment.  Remember, this is your chance to interview your therapist as well!


Step #4: Enjoy life!

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"

-Henry Ford