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Lakeside Professional Counseling
Substance Abuse &
Addiction Counseling

Your future depends on the choices you make today.

It's not a problem until it becomes a problem, right?  Well maybe.

Or is it?  Addicts are typically "functional" until they aren't.  It's a slippery slope.  We understand the importance of knowing your limits and treating the underlying issues.  Often times, substance abuse is the symptom of something else.  We will help you assess your needs and establish clear boundaries for yourself.  We will also help you find resources should the time come.  Addiction has been called a 'family disease' meaning, the family is often affected and even a contributor.  Seemingly innocent and well intentioned gestures can actually enable a substance abuser. 

Whether you are fresh out of rehab or not sure if you actually have a problem, we can help support your abstinence or intake limits.  

HPRP - Health Professional Recovery Program

HPRP Group and individual counseling services for Health Care Professionals in compliance with protocol of HPRP / State of Michigan Licensure

HPRP Group session cash rate is $55 per weekly session (Cash rate only, Insurance not accepted for groups)

HPRP Individual session cash rate $130 (Insurance may ONLY be accepted if there is a supported mental health diagnoses IE Depression, Anxiety, etc.)

HPRP Evaluation cash rate $500 (Insurance not accepted for HPRP evaluations) 

**Notes on Evaluations:

- HPRP Evaluations are NOT considered treatment. 

- There is no guarantee of continued treatment services based on an HPRP Evaluation alone.

- HPRP Evaluations also may NOT be performed by a therapist of which you have an established relationship with, for ethical concerns.  Evaluation are to be objective and unbiased.

- Following your HPRP Evaluation, YOU may choose to request the evaluator as your continued HPRP therapist; as now the therapist is unbiased to the results/outcome of their evaluation.


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